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Medical certificate “e-Malyatko”

20:45, 05 october 2020
Medical certificate “e-Malyatko”
1. What is a medical certificate "e-Malyatko"?
"e-Malyatko" is an electronic medical record that certifies the birth of a child (the electronic version of a medical birth certificate).
2. Who can get an electronic medical certificate "e-Malyatko"?
Newborn citizens of Ukraine
3. "e-Malyatko" is used to:
a. Register the birth of a child and determine its origin
b. Determine whether a child is a citizen of Ukraine
c. Register a newborn child's place of residence
d. Apply for financial assistance for childbirth
e. Apply for financial assistance for large families
f. Register a child in the Unified State Demographic Register
g. Get an Individual Tax Number (ITN) for a child
4. What is the period of validity of an electronic medical certificate "e-Malyatko"?
a. Unlimited
5. Where is an electronic medical certificate "e-Malyatko" issued?
a. The electronic medical certificate "e-Malyatko" is issued directly in the maternity hospital where a child was born.
6. What does a mother need to get an electronic medical certificate "e-Malyatko"?
a. A passport or ID card.
7. Will a printed version of the medical certificate of birth be valid? (f. 103)
a. During the transition period, the printed medical birth certificates will be used along with an electronic medical certificate "e-Malyatko" (f. 103)
8. Does a medical birth certificate (f. 103) remain valid?
a. Yes. A printed version of the medical birth certificate will remain valid. In particular, to certify the fact of the childbirth of those who are not citizens of Ukraine. An exhaustive list can be found in the order of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine.
9. How can a doctor create an electronic medical certificate "e-Malyatko"?
a. Log in to the medical information system in the "eHealth" section
b. Check whether a mother is registered in the electronic healthcare system
c. Check the mother's data with the data in her identity document. If it is different (changing surname, for example), then edit the data in the "eHealth" system
d. Register a newborn baby in the eHealth system as an unidentified patient. The data are entered according to its mother's words
e. Create an Alternative Discharge Summary for a child
f. Create an electronic medical episode with a type:
1. If a child is healthy:
• Ambulatory care
• Prevention
• Patient’s visits
2. If a child is ill (a child gets a separate discharge card):
• Inpatient care
• Treatment
• А hospital discharge
During the visit, create a medical certificate (similar to how an electronic referral is created)
A certificate may be printed at the request of a mother
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